this is how I smoke :)

MoWrOwInfow: finally (though mindfully) turned into a dragon using Dragon Breath at ZeroKelvin at Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi.

Liquid nitrogen, which boils at -196C is made by compressing nitrogen until it becomes liquid, and nitrogen composes around 80% of the air.

It is perfectly safe to add to food cause it turns to vapor fast, and that will probably happen before ingestion cause its too cold anyway. Its so cold it can give frostbite, and it hurt my tongue a little lol.

However, if ingested (and its possible due to the delay of feeling the cold) the consequences are dire cause it reportedly freezes like glass (not sure how cause inside its pretty hot hmm) or turns into a whole lot of gas causing a burst. In a closed environment it can cause suffocation due to insufficient relative amounts of oxygen.

If a little falls on you then it vaporises, and if you jump into it then you would become ice solid and are FINISHED! LIQUID NITROGEN FATALITY, Sub Zero style! Damn I learned yet another way to kill, a nowvel one at that mowhahahhaha >8D

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Credits: Mowrad Rownak Flowrendo, Zero Kelvin

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