Tanura Dance

Went on an organized desert safari for the first time, this time with ATNT by dune bashing, tanura show (amamamamzing!), belly dancing, and a loooooooooooooooooooooooong queue buffet at a desert camp spot

What really amazed me was the tanura (dress in Arabic) show. Absolutely not what I thought, though the dancer does keep turning (FAST and for over 10 minutes 8O) in colorful dress,

it’s more like a magic show where the dress suddenly seperates into mutliple layers and lights up, cloth & babies start coming out of nowhere, and discs keep multiplying, which are held in such ways that make them look as if they were glued togetherz 8S

The video shows multiplicity, super-speed-split, light-shows with rainbowz, & a baybeh?!


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