Oily Money

My old Political Science (age ~ 70) professor invited me (via SMS!) for a drink at a bar, where we discussed (though it almost felt like a lecture 8p) the universe, human history, religion theories, and the reason for warzez 😯


An oil barrel costs ~$100, and can be used to create 123 different products, at an ultimate price of ~ $2,000! 😯

I think that apparently at his age, his mind is so open (esp. about religion theories) that he finds it hard to discuss such things with ppl his age 8p

As for religion, I think “God did not create me, I created God” sums up the theory. In my opinion, spiritual teachings (whether true or not) were created to vanquish the devil (ego), and even Islam is meant to imply surrender (ego) to create peace (therefore prosperity).

However, somewhere along the line, it may be that the “devil” took advantage of the popularity of the message in order to control resources by controlling groups of people.

Some people would go as far to say that even the messengers had a political agenda of controlling resources, for themselves. Though they earned command over more resources, I believe that was not the prime motive of their guidance, even though peace does create prosperity. If they were wise enough to say what they said and did, then why would they they be so selfish?

I believe that spiritual teachings (therefore religions without their classifications and many small external differences) united people, which created peace, which meant more resources, which meant more prosperity.

However, what goes wrong is when those teachings are used (by the “devil”) to once again create divisions, which means that once agian, prosperity is gone because resources are less because peace is gone because unity is gone. It’s like going back to the times when people fought amongst themselves for which idol to worship :S

So the problem here is ego (selfishness, the “devil”) which creates segregation, which creates war, which creates less resources, which in turn creates even more war.

Unless people rid of their own selfishness (therefore desire for sensual pleasure and greed, being desire for more than actually needed), people will continue to segregate into groups, and worse yet, into seperate (selfish) individuals.

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