A vegan in Istanbul

Explored some of the – relatively – healthy food options in Istanbul at Kadikoy (Asian side) and was recommended to check out vegetarian Komsu Cafe with contribution (yes you may help out in the kitchen!) and donation system (though recommended amount mentioned on their menu) xO

Komsu Cafe has a fab (but quite dull, for me at least) rustic feel to it. Designed for meeting people, and they even donate clothes xD Enjoyed their vegan kofta ๐Ÿ™‚

Stumbled upon the first vegan cafe restaurant called Mahatma Cafe on a hill top run by friendly – and revolutionary! – Turkish folk with some Yoga influence. They claim to berely make a profit due the high quality ingredients (such as virgin olive oil) and high taxes :/ It has a real chill, laid back, natural (all outdoors even, but with partial shelter) n chill vibe xD

Had Mahatma Cafe’s vegan Menemen (similar to Middle Eastern Shakshooka), a traditional Turkish dish which includes eggs (in this case tahina), tomato, green peppers, and spices such as ground black pepper, ground red pepper, salt and oregano. Also had raw lentil kofta there x)





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Dubai Vegan exploring

http://www.dubaivegan.net for the official Dubai Vegan guide for all things vegan in Dubai!


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