Tanura Dance

Went on an organized desert safari for the first time, this time with ATNT by dune bashing, tanura show (amamamamzing!), belly dancing, and a loooooooooooooooooooooooong queue buffet at a desert camp spot

What really amazed me was the tanura (dress in Arabic) show. Absolutely not what I thought, though the dancer does keep turning (FAST and for over 10 minutes 8O) in colorful dress,

it’s more like a magic show where the dress suddenly seperates into mutliple layers and lights up, cloth & babies start coming out of nowhere, and discs keep multiplying, which are held in such ways that make them look as if they were glued togetherz 8S

The video shows multiplicity, super-speed-split, light-shows with rainbowz, & a baybeh?!


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GaMe: Sports Champions’ Archery module (on PS3 Move).

Great graphics, develops awareness, reflex, accuracy, timing, and logic, looks beautiful, peaceful (targets can be animate but don’t even include animals), fun (targets range from fruit to target boards to money-bags, etc.), challeging (games include tic-tac-toe and target-boards on wheels!) and real realistic!

Best AED80 ($20) for hours of gaming ever 8D

You can get it at Toys R Us nearby Mina Mall in Abu Dhabi.

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A Sea World Themed Mall: Mushrif Mall!

Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi. With a sea world theme, its lift is attached to a gigantically tall acquarium. almost as tall as the one at Atlantis at the Palm!

Fish Tank Elevator: http://youtu.be/-gsY3u4kzSg
Mowre (Indians lOlz): http://youtu.be/hnt1WbVMWUo

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Happy Easter!

The name Easter comes from the name Eastre, an ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess, originally of the dawn, represented by the rabbit.

Where the cross is representative of the crucifixion of Christ (which Christians believe is Christ’s self sacrifice in saviour of people from their sins, and therefore representative of Christianity), the egg is representative of his reincarnation (rebirth), celebrated as Easter on a Sunday after Lent.

Lent is the vegan fasting period of Christians, which is around 40 days, representative of the duration that Christ fasted in the desert. It is a time of prayer, abstinence, and fasting.

Mardi Gras (Spanish for Fat Tuesday) is right before Lent to let loose (and go wild lOlz).

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent where ash is rubbed on the forehead, representative of the notion that man is but dust.

Send some Easter cards via http://www.care2.com/send/Easter-Cards.html 8]

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Oily Money

My old Political Science (age ~ 70) professor invited me (via SMS!) for a drink at a bar, where we discussed (though it almost felt like a lecture 8p) the universe, human history, religion theories, and the reason for warzez 😯


An oil barrel costs ~$100, and can be used to create 123 different products, at an ultimate price of ~ $2,000! 😯

I think that apparently at his age, his mind is so open (esp. about religion theories) that he finds it hard to discuss such things with ppl his age 8p

As for religion, I think “God did not create me, I created God” sums up the theory. In my opinion, spiritual teachings (whether true or not) were created to vanquish the devil (ego), and even Islam is meant to imply surrender (ego) to create peace (therefore prosperity).

However, somewhere along the line, it may be that the “devil” took advantage of the popularity of the message in order to control resources by controlling groups of people.

Some people would go as far to say that even the messengers had a political agenda of controlling resources, for themselves. Though they earned command over more resources, I believe that was not the prime motive of their guidance, even though peace does create prosperity. If they were wise enough to say what they said and did, then why would they they be so selfish?

I believe that spiritual teachings (therefore religions without their classifications and many small external differences) united people, which created peace, which meant more resources, which meant more prosperity.

However, what goes wrong is when those teachings are used (by the “devil”) to once again create divisions, which means that once agian, prosperity is gone because resources are less because peace is gone because unity is gone. It’s like going back to the times when people fought amongst themselves for which idol to worship :S

So the problem here is ego (selfishness, the “devil”) which creates segregation, which creates war, which creates less resources, which in turn creates even more war.

Unless people rid of their own selfishness (therefore desire for sensual pleasure and greed, being desire for more than actually needed), people will continue to segregate into groups, and worse yet, into seperate (selfish) individuals.

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Canadians Living Abroad Income Tax!

Income tax in Canada is sow high, that even as a Canadian living abroad, you are still not exempt from paying your income tax!!! Unless …

you are a non-resident.

To be non-resident then you must sever residential ties by not having any property in Canada (especially that is readily avaialble), and not having any spouses or dependants there.

Other than that, it helps NOT to have, Canadian or in Canada: driver’s license, health insurance, bank account, possessions, and memberships, and not to be in Canada more than 5 months in any year.

It also helps to leave Canada, and to have residence elsewhere. Usually to have residence elsewhere is enough.

Either that or the place where you reside should have a tax treaty (made to avoid double taxation). There is a list of countries that Canada has tax treaties with from the CRA website. In that case you would be a ‘deemed non-resident‘.

Regarding a bank account, you can hold a bank account and even a credit card but the limit is about 500 dollars (an accountant said so).

You can hold your driving license as well as your health card but they must not be used, The health card must not be used for three months even after you return to Canada.

When you file your taxes, just confirm you have no income in Canada.

It takes 3 weeks to get your passport, and depending on the paper work you show them they will give you a conditional passport or a renewal. You better provide all documents (like citizenship cirtificate / birth certificate), otherwise you will get a conditional passport.

details: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tp/it221r3-consolid/it221r3-consolid-e.html#P130_22358 OR http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/nr73/README.html
summary: http://blog.taxresource.ca/living-abroad-becoming-a-non-resident
example: http://blog.taxresource.ca/am-i-a-resident-of-canada/

more: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/nnrsdnts/ndvdls/lvng-eng.html
more 2: http://www.expatinfodesk.com/expat-guide/nationality-specific-information/canadian/taxation/
more 3: http://www.canuckabroad.com/international-banking/dealing-with-taxes-when-living-abroad.html

NOTE: CRA = Canadian Revenue Agency

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Abu Dhabi beach, a la F1!

Gate 4, Al Sahel Beach, Courniche, Abu Dhabi

Gate 4, Al Sahel Beach, Courniche, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi beach has 2 divisions: Al Sahel and Family.

Al Sahel is Gates 6, 5, 4. Family is Gates 3, 2, 1, of which 3 & 2 are only for families / womenz. They even have a “beach bus” that runs throughout the beach stretch for free every ~ 15 minutes.

All gates have a paid entrance where you can have extra amenities like beach-benches and a counter to keep your stufflez, 1 with water-sports (Gate 1 or 5, sometimes even at 4, depends on events), and less crowd on the toilets, showers, and sea.

Sahil Al Maydan (Gate 4) beach is absolutely packed on weekends before sunset, and it’s full of foreigners, and there is a suprising number of apparently single womenz 8]

Used to be nothing but a boring ol’ corniche where ppl walk, and now is a beautiful lively (with loads of concerts and outdoor movies year-round esp. from October to May) beach stretch with a bicycle lane and underground passages full with parks (and paking lots) across 8]

On October 2011, they had 2 huge-screen F1 movies, some F1 video games (X-Box Kinect and another, 3-screen actual F1 car sim, F1 wheel sim, replace-the-tire time-challenge, 2 remote-control racing circuits, 1 kids F1 go-carting) and an F1 sand-sculpture at Gate 4.

I played all the sims, especially the kids go-carting, the hardest part was getting out 8@

Though F1 cars go at insane speeds, F1 drivers actually need to be very calm because the slightest mistake can send them swirling and out of control especially on a turn.

They also need to be very patient cause they have to drive for 2 hours straight, and they need to loose absolutely all aggression and ego due to time-penalities for bumping into opponents (especially on turns to block them).

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