Live Cooking Demos

Attended the first live & real cooking demonstration in my life, this time at Taste of Dubai in DMC, on March 16th 2012.

First Live Cooking Demos - Taste of Dubai

Especially liked the demo by Jason Vale (The JuiceMaster), who makes juiced veggies an essential part of his life, and by doing so, claimed to have lost the title “fat flaky boy” cause the juice not only made him loose loads of weight, but rid of his skin allergy. Juiced veggies (without any sweetners) taste sow good, even kids loved it 8D

There were loads of delish samples from fresh veggie juice, energy / relaxation drinks, bread dips (pestos, oils), flavored nuts, flavored grape juice, chips (like falafel chips!), oat cookies, cheese (e.g. flavored Lavachkiri’s), instant meals, etc.

The paid food & beverage was sow darn expensive, at 3-4 times the regular price due to the small portions 😯 One interesting dish was the Broccoli Pot, which is a basically broccoli pudding (not too sweet or creamy) 8]

The only real bummer was the cooking class queues. Those were around 30 to 45 minutes long, and one had to stand in them for the entire duration without reserving space for anyone. What happened for me was I was waiting in queue with a friend for around 20 minutes until a second friend arrived. I had to escort him in from the entrance so when I came back I went back into the queue where my first friend was standing.

When the group behind me noticed our size increase, they complained to the staff. Soon after the staff refused to have another person added to the group, I left the queue just to realize that my first friend actually left on an emergency call without telling me, and we lost the whole spot anyway 8/

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