Abu Dhabi beach, a la F1!

Gate 4, Al Sahel Beach, Courniche, Abu Dhabi

Gate 4, Al Sahel Beach, Courniche, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi beach has 2 divisions: Al Sahel and Family.

Al Sahel is Gates 6, 5, 4. Family is Gates 3, 2, 1, of which 3 & 2 are only for families / womenz. They even have a “beach bus” that runs throughout the beach stretch for free every ~ 15 minutes.

All gates have a paid entrance where you can have extra amenities like beach-benches and a counter to keep your stufflez, 1 with water-sports (Gate 1 or 5, sometimes even at 4, depends on events), and less crowd on the toilets, showers, and sea.

Sahil Al Maydan (Gate 4) beach is absolutely packed on weekends before sunset, and it’s full of foreigners, and there is a suprising number of apparently single womenz 8]

Used to be nothing but a boring ol’ corniche where ppl walk, and now is a beautiful lively (with loads of concerts and outdoor movies year-round esp. from October to May) beach stretch with a bicycle lane and underground passages full with parks (and paking lots) across 8]

On October 2011, they had 2 huge-screen F1 movies, some F1 video games (X-Box Kinect and another, 3-screen actual F1 car sim, F1 wheel sim, replace-the-tire time-challenge, 2 remote-control racing circuits, 1 kids F1 go-carting) and an F1 sand-sculpture at Gate 4.

I played all the sims, especially the kids go-carting, the hardest part was getting out 8@

Though F1 cars go at insane speeds, F1 drivers actually need to be very calm because the slightest mistake can send them swirling and out of control especially on a turn.

They also need to be very patient cause they have to drive for 2 hours straight, and they need to loose absolutely all aggression and ego due to time-penalities for bumping into opponents (especially on turns to block them).

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