Emirates National Day #40

The National Day celebrations were bigger than I have ever seen or heard of, with full-scale shows exploding all over the Emirates.

In Dubai celebrations were at Global Village (presentations for the sheikhs), Heritage Village (65,000 balloons flown representing the number of days since union), and Burj Khalifa (big parades), and JBR (Ferrari parade).

In Abu Dhabi all over the Courniche (decorated cars, helicopters with huge flags, figher jets, fireworks, ribbon & snow madness), Zayed Sports City (projections, dances, projections), and Zayed Grand Mosque (laser mapping).

In Sharjah (traditional cafe at the fireworks), Fujeirah (inauguration of the supposed longest 15 meter sword on a new roundabout).


I sprayed cars and people with ribbons and snow (canned) for the first time, but I did get attacked in return, once with ribbons in my ear, once with snow in my face, and once with water in my eyes 8/

I watched the laser mapping show at Zayed Grand Mosque. Best thing is that it was sow empty 8D well until some inconsiderate loud-mouthed Indians stood in front of me 8/

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